Our Story

Our Story

Twice the Value

Our goal when we began this company was to change the ice vending machine business, and that is exactly what we did.

We are now the premier ice vending machine manufacturer of the United States. We have over 2,500 Twice locations across the country, and we are only growing. Twice the Ice provides our consumers with the best ice and water filtering technology at the lowest price.

Our customers love not only the value they get from Twice the Ice machines, but the incredible quality of our ice and water. They no longer have the settle for clumpy, dirty ice. They can now have the purest, cleanest ice and the most reasonable price.

Advantages in Bulk

Ice vending machines are a growing aspect of the $4 billion ice industry, and the demand only continues to grow.

Twice the Ice is the leader of this growth with our technological innovations, strategic business plans and increasing sales. Twice the Ice independent owners have incredible advantages over the competition:

  • Twice the Ice is the ice vending pioneer.
  • We are the premier ice vending machine manufacturer.
  • Our innovative technology ensures quality, durability, and convenience.
  • Twice the Ice vending machines sell more than one billion pounds of ice annually.
  • We offer a variety of vending machines to meet the needs of our independent owners.
  • Our ice making machines are patent-protected and time-tested.
  • There are over 2,500 Twice the Ice vending units in the US, Nigeria, the Caribbean Basin, Brazil, and Australia, and we are looking to expand to even more new markets.